Night Field Observer

Seatbelt Study Night Observers Job Posting On behalf of RTI, Headway Workforce Solutions is seeking part-time Night Observers to work on The 2015 Governor's Highway Safety Program North Carolina Seatbelt Survey.
This survey collects data on seatbelt use in North Carolina.
In 2015, RTI will collect data for 2 surveys:
the June Survey (daytime), and the nighttime survey.
Data will be collected at 120 sites (intersections) in 15 counties in the Nighttime data collection period March-April.
All data is collected via observation at controlled intersections.
The Field Observer for the seat belt survey will be responsible for:
Observing traffic at intersections and collecting data from both directions of a designated roadway.
All observations are to be done in two person teams.
Nighttime data collection will be performed using night vision equipment.
Recording shoulder belt use of drivers and right-front occupants of passenger vehicles, vehicle type, driver cellphone usage, and demographic information using 2 separate applications on a tablet computer.
Training requirements for Field Observers:
Attend and successfully complete an FI project training session scheduled to last 1 day on March 17 th , 2015 in RTP.
Additionally, participate in on-the-job training with a mentor or Field Supervisor (FS), as needed.
Requirements for observation activity:
All field observers should have the following:
Reliable transportation to and from all work sites during all designated times The ability to operate a tablet computer; submitting various electronic forms accurately and in a timely fashion per project protocols.
The ability to stand and walk up and down the shoulder of an intersection for prolonged lengths of time (60 minute intervals) Available for approximately 20 - 30 hours per week to conduct observations during the field data collection period:
Nighttime Survey Period:
March 18 - May 18, 2015 Available to observe vehicles for 60 minutes at each assigned site during the following project specified times for nighttime data collection in March and April between 8:
00pm and 5:
Additionally, travel time may exceed 5:
Also, must observe some sites during the weekends.
Must coordinate and maintain an observation schedule with observation partner, and inform Field Supervisor of observation schedule prior to field work.
Must follow guidelines laid out in the Site Cluster schedule and observe at least 3 sites each day that you work (unless uncontrollable circumstances prevent this from happening) Must ALWAYS wear the provided orange safety vests at all times while in the field.
Must ALWAYS work with your assigned partner Perform field work according to expectations defined by project protocols Available for Field Observations by a member of the Seat Belt Surveys' management staff.
Available once a week for a conference call with your supervisor.
Available for possible overnight travel if remote segments are involved in the assignment area.
Additional Work:
Night Observers are encouraged but not required to also complete daytime observing for the month of June.
This will require attending a refresher training in late May and working one of the following shifts Monday-Friday:
00am - 9:
00am 9:
00am - 3:
30pm 3:
30pm - 6:
00pm This position will offer an hourly rate of $13.
25/hour dependent on location and experience.
Headway is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

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